Sunday, April 15, 2012

It really DOES work!

While I was perusing THAT website, I saw where someone had pinned a way to clean microfiber. While I have been taught not to believe everything I see, those pictures did have me wondering.

That's when I decided to try it on my own. So I filled a spray bottle with alcohol, grabbed me some white washcloths and went to work.

This is the "BEFORE" picture--and now that I really look at it, I will admit that it doesn't look as dirty on the right side. That doesn't matter. Keep watching.

The following pic shows what it looked like after I taped off half (give or take) and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol (non-diluted).

To prove to you that this wasn't a "sleight of hand" trick (or PhotoShop)....the washcloth on the left is "BEFORE" and the one on the right is "AFTER" I worked my magic on the chair.

Next on my agenda: Does that homemade tub/shower cleaner work as well as they say it does.?

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